Favourite nail varnish # 3: OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts

Out of all the nail varnishes I've presented so far, this one lasts the longest. If I put it on, I will probably not have to worry about touch-ups for a week. Another plus is that the colour is a little more subtle than my usually preferred black: it is a very refreshing concrete grey, and it looks cheerful with just about anything. Again, the top coat is by Rimmel.


spring is nigh

I put this super pink nail varnish on my nails to celebrate the beginning of spring (ok, it's not actually the beginning of spring, but it's sunny, so let's pretend, alright?) Punki Purple by Nina Pro is what is it called, but it is pink in the sunshine and purple indoors, it's magic.
(don't tell anyone but I have to admit that I had to take the varnish off an hour after applying it. Too extreme for my fingernails when I'm reading and writing this much and seeing my hands a lot. I replaced it with the black OPI varnish and put this one on my toes)

Started using this beautiful pouch that my mum made from original vintage sixties cloth for my tiny little pink camera, and I'm officially in love.


Favourite nail varnish # 2: OPI Lady in Black

Just like Chanel Vendetta, this one lasts on my nails for about five days without chipping. Black has always been my favourite nail varnish colour, but I used to use cheaper ones, only to have to re-do them every second day. This one lasts way longer, which is not just timesaving and less nervewrecking but also better for my nails. My topcoat is, as always, Rimmel Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Topcoat.

The colour is called 'Black Onyx' in North America.